Saturday, August 27, 2011

From Spiderman to Pooh Bear

For some reason 10 months seems way too grown up for our little man. I've found myself give him extra squeezes recently, savoring our moments rocking. Remember the way he falls asleep in my arms in the middle of the night.

But he's growing up, and I can't stop him. This last month has been a big month for him.

For starters he's walking like a champ now and gaining speed. He's graduated from his spider crawl, where he got his nick name "chilovek pauk" (spider man) to a "Vinnie Pooh" walking style (walking with semi stiff legs, with both hands in the air.)

He's also into EVERYTHING. I love the curiosity; don't love the extra work it takes to make sure it's expended in the right places.

This little man absolutely refuses to eat any baby food these days. Breakfast is about the only time I can actually feed him, he loves to feed himself. This is good and bad.

He's also VERY picky. I'm not sure what to do with that, Calvin ate anything and everything. His current favorites are cheese, and bread. I'm going to keep pushing veggies, surely one of these days he'll decide to eat them without physically taking them out of his mouth and gagging or splattering it all over the place.

He started to sign more and all done; although I think I'm the only one who can tell the difference between the two.

He's crazy about peek-a-boo and love how he hides his head to play randomly. My favorite is when he plays it and crouches down and tilts his head. So cute.

He loves making motor boat sounds. It's his sound we hear most often when he's playing.

He loves to eat books, still working on sitting through them. I'm lucky if we can get through 2 before he wiggles out of my arms. Although he has a few he loves browsing through.

He's still our serious child.  Anytime we're near a crowd he's very attentive and just takes it all in.  He's also wondering why I made him sit next to this strange little man.

I must wrestle him every diaper change, to the extent that I'm ready to start potty training, and I'm VERY serious about that, not at all joking. All the locals do it, so it's possible.

He gave me about two weeks of consistently sleeping through the night, then we went to camp and he decided it would be fun to wake up again 2 times a night minimum. Those two weeks were beautiful.

Three new teeth appeared this month; three more are working on pushing through the gums right now, which can explain the sleep change.

This month Micah's #23 1/2 lbs. and #inches long.

He's growing up too fast.

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The Jetsons said...

We hate that we missed Micah's first steps but maybe we can be there to see his first zip-line, rope swing, repel, rock climb, parasail, skydive..... :)
When Whitney saw his first picture she was shocked at how big he had already become. We can't wait to get back and spoil him and his big brother as all good ants and uncles must.