Saturday, August 06, 2011


We spent the last week here

Helping out with an English camp. It was a busy week. Marvin led an English group, and I helped with meals for 65 people, which was the first time any of us ladies had cooked for that many people. It was a learning experience, but there was food for every meal. We had our share of moments that made us sweat. Like when the oven was shooting out flames from the knobs.

Or how it literally took forever for water to boil at the high altitude.

Or trying to be patient and loving towards a local guy trying to take over our coveted pots and stove to make herbal tea with flowers he found in the forest.

Then also trying not to spill boiling water as I attempted to lift pots of boiling water over the giant pot of herbal tea.

It went well and we were able to meet some new people. Discussions went well after the evening talk. Although it really gave me motivation to hit language hard. It's so frustrating to be able to understand so much more than you can actually verbalize.

and we're thankful that we were able to help fill some needs.

Calvin had so much fun. He tromped around with his pals all week. They went on expeditions, played tag, hide and seek, found "treasures" aka trash.

We had perfect weather; it was cool and sunny all week.

I even got to go rafting, which was so much fun. But really deserves its own post.

The last afternoon we headed up to the closest ski resort that we've heard wonderful things about. It was beautiful. Sometimes it's amazing how close we live to all this.


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