Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hi my name is Sleeveless Undershirt

When we named Micah we fully intended on using the name as it is translated in the local scripture. What we didn't expect is the difficulty this name brings to locals. Apparently the translated version isn't real common in our part of the country.

When I introduce Micah to locals I usually tell them his name is Me-hey, to which most of them respond, Me-hi-el? Where I then must correct them by saying ,"No Me-hey"

Well our nanny goes by the English version, which also translates as a sleeveless undershirt. Not something we really want people here to call him. (Although on all his official documents it's translated as Meeka so we could technically call him that, but I've digressed.)

So when the boys were outside with their nanny last week a little boy asked her what Micah's name was and she told him "Micah."

To which he said, "That's a strange name."

Then she added "well translated it would be Me-hey or is it Me-high?"

The little boy responded with astonishment, "You don't even know his name!", and then walked away.

So sorry little buddy, we didn't mean for your name to cause so many problems.

We still like it and hope you do too.

Even if it means, a sleeveless undershirt in this language.

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April said...

haha. sleeveless undershirt. love it! miss you guys!