Friday, August 26, 2011

Mountain Camping {trip two}

We went on our second family camping trip last weekend, again with other expat families.
We headed higher up in the mountains this time.
Marvin found a great spot for us.
After we finished setting up our tents some farmers came to tell us that they cut hay there and we needed to move.

*Land here is not privately owned, people are just given the right to graze their cattle on it or cut the hay, so technically we could have stayed, but we're nice and so we took down our tents while a couple of the guys went to scope out a new camping spot.
So the second time around everyone worked hard to get stuff set up before we ran out of daylight. We got it done in record timing.
We had an unplanned progressive dinner. While the guys were out searching for a new place, the kids started to get hungry, so we all dug through our bags and gave them our lunch leftovers. Muffins, granola bars were split, apples and oranges were passed around, baby food and supplies were shared. It was great teamwork because NOBODY enjoys a hungry child.
Then we decided it would be good to eat the salads I made so that the kids could go to bed on time once we got to the new campsite. I'm so thankful I decided to make several salads; we were able to fill our bellies with plenty of food before we made the switch.

Once we got camp set up, for the second time. Marvin started the fire. We put the kids to bed then we all enjoyed our roasted meat. We just passed a bowl of meat and a bag of sliced bread around the circle. It was a great little system.

The next day a few people went hiking. Calvin played with his buddies. He was tired and had quite the attitude all day, not so much fun. I took two naps. (A big reason why I love camping. Can you tell I'm a little sleep deprived right now?)

Calvin also decided to wear his brother's pants for the day, because they fit him.  They were a bit on the short side.
Micah enjoyed playing with his little pal in the swimming pool.  It was a great place to contain our little guys and it turns out that Micah isn't the only one who love playing with the frying pan.
Mountain weather changes in an instant, we had several little showers, when the sun shines it's hot, hot, and hot, then a cloud comes and it's freezing. I don't even know how many times I took my jacket on and off last weekend. But I'm thankful it didn't rain the entire time like it did last time.

I'm also very thankful for some amazing allergy meds that made this trip one thousand percent more enjoyable.
It was gorgeous. These cliffs, and mountains are stunning, and the grass is dotted with sweet beautiful flowers. This refreshed my soul.
God's an amazing artist.


April said...

oh my! That is absolutely gorgeous! Max would be in heaven to hike and camp there! ;) sounds fun!

The Jetsons said...

Love the post and man I wish we could have been there!!!!!!! Set a date and we'll be ready to go as soon as we get back. Maybe on the 8th :) hahahaahahah Can't wait to see you guys.