Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1 more month

Marvin was able to secure Calvin a space in a local preschool this last week. It starts in 1 month and I'm a mess.

I'm nervous, excited, unsure if we're making the right decision, ready for him to dive deep in language and a bit sad. How is it that he's already ready for preschool?

Seriously it feels like just yesterday we were watching him toddle along.

He's spent almost every day of his life with me and the part where he'll be spending a fair amount of hours each week with a teacher makes me sad to miss out on some special moments. I LOVE watching him work, and discover things. He loves learning and I love watching how his eyes light up as he does so.

It will be new for him. He had a little taste of school this summer and loved it. He also loved the part where everyone spoke English. That part was probably his favorite part.

But I'm ready for him to speak this language. I'm ready for him to be able to communicate with his little pals in our building. (Just today one little guy came by our apartment wondering if Calvin was going to come out to play.) I'm thankful Father gives me little things that encourage my heart.

I'm scared that he'll be picked on. Called names. Not understand. Be shamed.

But in one month it will be a reality. Preschool here we come.

I'd appreciate your prayers as I try to navigate into this new life stage.

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Michelle said...

Isn't it sad that they grow up? I try to remind myself of something my mom told me...that we'd be more sad if they never did grow up and just stayed helpless their whole lives. It means everything is just the way it's supposed to be. =) Praying for you.