Wednesday, January 20, 2010

still can't believe it

Our trip last week to IKEA also included a trip to a big french supermarket where we picked up some "essentials" like peanut butter, tortilla chips & bacon. But we also went into a craft store, yes I just said a craft store and it was a REAL CRAFT STORE. My heart was so excited!!!! During our thinning of our suitcases I had to take out a lot of my craft supplies. So you can imagine how excited I was to see this store. I nearly fainted when I found chalkboard spray paint. SERIOUSLY! I felt like jumping up and down because I have been searching for chalkboards everywhere to make a menu board for our kitchen, now that problem is solved. Marvin just has to buy me a piece of wood big enough and my menu board will be ready.

They also had scrapbook paper, seriously people I thought I was in America. My last favorite find of the day was a cutting mat. Mine didn't make it in our suitcase, because I left it at my parents house, oops I was was so bummed because I used it all the time. This one is 1/4th the size of the one I have in the states but it works and just thrilled my heart. What a gift these silly things can be.

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