Friday, January 29, 2010

My Explorer

Marvin's so excited about hiking and exploring areas of Nineveh he hasn't explored yet. He's really loved exploring the edges of Nineveh the last couple of weeks. We are so thankful to be in our current location as it's right on the edge of town. This morning he went on a 2 hour hike and found the perfect little meadow. And it was a beautiful morning too, Blue sky and we actually saw the sun! (Not too many of those days here during the winter.)

The trees have been beautiful lately.

He's itchin' to hike up these. Did I mention he wants to climb the highest mountain in our area this summer?
And while he was there he also saw this....

So fun a bunch of horses made their way to a hay stack to eat.

It will be fun to hike this come summer as a family, however it may take us a little bit longer.

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Sarah said...

Oh, its beautiful! I love it!