Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blank Canvas

We are beginning to think through ways to spruce up our apartment. People tend to decorate here by hanging carpets on the wall, I'm compromising in our living room and when we leave for a visa run next month we're hoping to find a beautiful wall hanging at the Grand Bazaar. But I'm hoping to do something less local in our room, because who's gonna see it but us?

There's not much here in the form of framed art that isn't crazy pricey. So we're wanting to do a few DIY projects that make our house seem more like us. But I'm completely clueless of what to do.

Here's what our room looks like right now

Along the side of our room we have our dryer, our expandable clothes line. Usually this is full of laundry but since we haven't had water in over a day, there isn't any laundry that can be washed. So what would you do in this space?
The other wall is pretty much blank other than the ironing board, which may or may not stay in our room. We can get wood, blank painting canvases and some frames and paint. And everything must go with our duvet. And we can't change the wall color. We are hoping to buy some new window treatments through.

Here are a few ideas that I've seen that I love:

Thanks for the help!


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