Thursday, January 21, 2010

please, please, please, stay outside

First ignore our messy balcony, we were using it as a place to sort through things for our new teammates. Now it looks better, (although I do still have some trash out there that needs to be taken outside in the morning.)

What is it about birds? Why do they always have to come inside? After a very traumatic bird incident a few years ago I'm a little freaked out when they are inside. I was hanging up laundry to dry the other morning and I heard a tweet, tweet every now and then. I ignored it until I went back in to the kitchen and noticed a bird trying to escape. It had flown in through our fan and couldn't figure a way out. Poor thing kept smashing into the window.

So after calling Marvin I tried to pump myself up enough to enter the balcony. I did what any girl would do I grabbed a pillow case and a mop and headed in. I pulled up a chair for Calvin to watch and gave him strict orders not to open the door. I lasted about 5 seconds on the balcony, of course I was screaming and waving the pillow case around the entire time, didn't quite get to opening the window because I had a bird flying around my head. I tried again, and again and still no luck. Then I spotted my language teacher and relief was on the way. I waited till she got there and she laughed because she remembered the my infamous bird incidence. Together we cornered the bird, and by together I mean she. I held up the curtain to trap it and she opened the window, after that it quickly flew out. Now what is it going to be like come spring when the windows are always opening????? I don't even want to go there.

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Sarah said...

Birds, yikes. When I was in High School, a bird decided to make its way inside our house. All I remember is running up stairs-demanding that someone take care of the bird flying around.

Now, we have like 20 birds who hang out in the bushes next to the back door and every time I walk by they scatter- sometimes I act cool, most of the time I scream.

Good luck! :)