Friday, January 22, 2010

"Snow" Much Fun Day

Today has been a fun day. We don't have language on Fridays and I'm hoping to use the time to get out with Calvin. Today it was snowing giant snowflakes in our part of the world, so we headed to a grocery store in town that has an indoor play place. Such a blessing!!! When we arrived no one was there so we did our shopping and went up stairs where Calvin drank his juice box. (Maybe we should not have started this little thing, but Calvin gets a juice box every time he comes with us to the store, it helps motivate him to walk faster to the store. Plus I found a brand here doesn't have any sugar added, so it's a better alternative to candy or cookies.)

So let me bring my sheep back, as they say here when you digress, after the juice box was inhaled we checked out the play place again and hooray the lady was there. She was super sweet, has two kids, and told me all about a foreigner in town who speaks the local language well. I had to laugh because I know this foreigner well. Calvin had fun playing in a different place and then we headed home to eat lunch. Calvin walks slow so we missed the first couple mini bus that came our way, so we had to wait several minutes for another one to come along. Calvin caught a snowflake in his mouth quite by accident and thought it was such a clever game that it occupied us while we waited. He was squealing and laughing, it was so much fun. Then about two minutes after we got on the little bus he was out. There must be something comforting to him about public transportation because it lulls him to sleep almost every time. Maybe it was all that riding around he did in my belly here.

We've had fun reading lots of books today and now he's pretending he's taking Marvin's nose. Love it. He's a lot of fun these days.It's been a while since I've done a developmental update so I thought I'd give a good snapshot of where he's at right now.

He's moved on from saying "where'd it go?" a million times a day to "what's her/his/that name." He often wants to pray for Baby, Abby & Audra and of course Aunt Nat. He loves playing hide, but is very bad at actually hiding. I love hearing his giggles as you try to find him and he'll usually tell you "right here Mama". You'll often find him marching around our living room singing "All for the love of a bear" , a song off of his favorite Winnie the Pooh Movie.

He's weighing in these days just under 28lb. Can devour a piece of fruit in no time flat, still doesn't care for potatoes, broccoli, or green beans. In fact during dinner tonight he had to eat a piece of potato and he gagged it down, quite literally. He knows what candy is, thanks to Grandpa T and our office manager. There's no sneaking a piece around him now, because we usually hear "pees key peease" which means a piece of candy please, bummer my sugar cravings have to wait till nap time.

He loves to count, usually it goes like this 2, 9, 2, 9. Although when prompted can count to 4 correctly. He still loves puzzles and can even master 24 piece puzzles, w/and without frames. He loves tools and every time Daddy gets a hammer or screwdriver he must help too. He still loves blocks, but we need to buy a few more to make it a little bit more fun.

He loves "hot baths" and begs to take them. Loves to brush his teeth, but hates it when we do it. He's pretending more and more and loves to make us "hot tea" to drink. He gives the best hugs these days and is actually giving real kisses. He's made a little progress in the toilet training department and will usually go when he tries but just haven't gotten into a good routine yet to really go strong with the potty training. He's a little afraid of walking past our trash dumpsters, but I don't blame him.

He usually runs or jumps everywhere he goes and loves to wrestle with his daddy. He can climb with the best of them and can often figure out a way to get to things out of reach.
So there you go that's our lil' guy right now. Very thankful for him.

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