Monday, January 11, 2010

6 Lessons learned this week

1. When the phone rings while your little guy is on the potty, don't answer it, especially if you don't have a cordless. You'll more than likely end up cleaning up a puddle.

2. This language is going to be Impossible to master, but I'll try my hardest.

3. English is much easier. No changing the ending of nouns, adjectives, direct objects, indirect objects, possessive pronouns, pronouns........ Seriously my brain hurts just trying to get everything straight.

4. Never, EVER give your child full strength OJ. Calvin was seriously bouncing off our friends couch. (Oh and we didn't have too much of a choice on the juice thing, we were invited to our friends house for a big meal and that's the only suitable beverage choice for him and it gave him something to do during all those toasts.

5. It's possible to be so frustrated at your child one minute and just love him like nothing else the next.

6. Well this isn't really something I learned I just enjoyed this post on one of my Favorite Blogs. (So you know I can completely identify with this, even though Calvin's only two. He was licking the chairs in the kitchen the other day, had to get a good lick of each of them. I just don't understand?)

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Sherry said...

Been reading your updates but I've been terrible at commenting lately! Sorry! Thinking of you guys and the amazing adjustment you are making. You're a great mama. The C-man is lucky. Love you.