Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Uppercase Living Fun

Okay if you don't know about this stuff yet, you need to. I've had a blast decorating using this lately. It's funny I'm finally decorating now that we will hopefully be moving in September, but it's all coming with us. I love how easy these vinyl expressions are to apply, that they come in a variety of colors and my favorite thing is that they are very affordable. I'm looking forward to seeing these in our homes through the years. (I say homes because in the almost 7 years Marvin and I have been married we have lived in 9 different places not including all the hotels we've dragged all our stuff in and out of, and when I say all our stuff I literally mean all our stuff.)

Okay so here's a little tour of my latest Uppercase Living Creations:

This one is in Calvin's room. It's a scrapbook frame that I added this expression that I custom created to the glass. I love how the look of this can change by a simple piece of paper, which I've already done. I'm a girl who loves change.
I ordered the tin and expression. I loved this one and it turned out pretty fun. I think I'm going to add a messy fabric flower to the top of the ribbon.

This was what I created during the make and take at my party. It's been nice to have a place to hang my to do list.
When I saw this I wanted to put it in the guest bathroom/Calvin's bathroom. Since I hosted a party I got lots of perks and was able to order this frame and expression at a great price. It came with 3 other inserts so I can change it out.

I love how this turned out and it is so light weight, which makes Marvin very happy. It's crazy but we often decide on whether to buy things or not now by how much it weighs. You'll be surprised at how quickly those pounds add up. I've been looking for cute decor to bring back overseas and this was the perfect fit. I created this by covering wood circles with scrapbook paper, gluing them together, adding a few flowers as well as the word Family.

After my last order I thought I was going a little overboard but as I look around nothing looks overdone, just classy. If you want to know more I'd be happy to give you the contact of my favorite UL Demonstrator Janae. (Happy Birthday Janae. I hope you had a great day.)

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