Saturday, May 02, 2009

Creative Fun

I had so much fun today. I love creating with friends and I love Uppercase Living. I have so many ideas every time I look at the catalog. Thanks Janae, I had a great time. I added some pictures below, I have a couple more Uppercase Living things to post but they aren't quite finished. If you want to order something let me know, I'm closing my party next week and would like to have all orders by Sunday May 10th.

My Etsy shop is going slow. I have my nursing covers posted but it took forever because I had some trouble loading pictures. It wouldn't let me upload the pictures I spent hours editing on Flickr. So I moved the pictures from Flickr to our computer and tried to upload them but they were too grainy, grrr. To make things worse when I tried to add the pictures from our computer they were too big. I took a few days break from it so I wouldn't be too frustrated. So I hope to spend some time tomorrow to get things up and going. I'm really hoping to have a giveaway and free shipping this week in honor of Mother's Day.

Here's a few pictures of the day.

Yummy Food
Calvin's Artwork Displayed
I spray painted a cookie sheet, added an UL custom designed 'create', and hot glued a ribbon. It makes the perfect place to hang Calvin's art work. This is his first water color picture. He loved it once he got the hang of it. You'll notice he favored the red.

Our celebration plate! I've always wanted a "You're Special Plate" to use for birthdays and special occasions. When I saw this expression I knew it was perfect! I love it. I added it to the back of the plate, so we could use it for food.
These are some of the cute creations that the ladies made. Our make and take was a lot of fun. I love seeing how others use things.

I'm inspired to do something creative how about you?

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