Sunday, May 03, 2009

From Head 2 Toe is now OPEN!

Well this afternoon I finally got the bulk of things uploaded. Hooray, From Head to Toe is officially open! I feel a little silly because after all my frustrations I finally figured out a way to use the pictures from flickr.

Make sure you check out Effortless Savings and enter my giveaway for a cute pair of topichkiis, Russian for slippers! I also am willing to do custom sewing, let me know what you're wanting and I'll try to do it for you. Right now I have an order for some tea towels and a couple weeks ago I made some hooded towels.

I'm really excited about doing a line of aprons, these have become my newest love. I seem to have new ideas daily about what I can do. I'm focusing more on items for little boys right now because I seem to have more little boy ideas and there really are limited cute things you can buy for little guys compared to the plethora of little girl items out there. If I have time this week I'll sew some little girl's aprons too.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. It's been fun showing my friends what I am up to.

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