Thursday, June 04, 2015

Out and About Randomness

The last week I was home it stopped raining, spring is so rainy where we live, so took the younger two out for a walk.  We all were enjoying the beauty of spring popping up around us.  

It was a holiday this day, and we live near an orthodox Church, so usually on holidays there are people sitting outside begging for alms.  We see these ladies a lot, and of course with two little boys and a huge belly I stand out.  So they immediately struck up a conversation with me as we talked about the holiday, etc.  They asked if I was having a girl or boy and when they found out it was another boy they of course said, I needed a girl.  Someone to help me at home.  J  But I told them it was our 5th baby boy and I was tired and thankful that the Lord had given us so many boys, but 5 was enough for me.  She then told me to show her my hand and then showed me that the next one would be a girl.  I had to laugh.  Then she asked about a name, and told her we didn’t have one yet, and this whole group of ladies decided that his name should be called Alex, because it’s a strong name and popular in both Russian and America.  Nothing against the name Alex but it’s not in the

We stopped in the store and said hello to all our familiar friends there and headed to the park to enjoy a snack.  I had my camera so I was taking a few pictures when an older man approached me to take my picture by the flowers.  He said he’d take my picture if I’d take his.  So for the next 5 minutes while the boys were munching away on their snacks I was snapping pictures of a random 60 year old man in front of flowers and trees.  Of course posing.

Sometimes I think our life is normal then there are days like this when I don’t even have a category for strange things like this. 

After days of rain it was good to be out and about and enjoy the community the Lord has placed us in.  I’m sad that we’ll be gone this summer, but looking forward to returning and the many more random things we’ll experience.

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