Sunday, June 07, 2015

My little Artists

The boys love art, they are always begging to do a craft or to paint or water color.  Judah even loves it, however he’s quite dangerous when he find any sort of marker, pencil, crayon, or pen.  So it’s hard to contain these art supplies to safe areas when they like to create drawings everywhere.  I let him paint with real paint last month and he got so upset when I took his paper away and gave him a new one.  He wasn't done apparently.  :)

We’ve had fun working on a few art projects for the fair in Marvin’s hometown this summer.  The boys have enjoyed trying out a few mediums, and it's been a great stress reliever for me too.

But what has been fun has been watching how Micah’s really taken off in his fine motor skills.  He’s gone from making basic stick figures to some really cute little creations recently.  All of which have some story to go along with it.

Calvin always must add his own creative spin on whatever we do, sometimes it drives me crazy how he doesn’t like to follow the directions.  But I'm thankful for his creative mind and that he enjoys thinking outside the box.

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