Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Quietest Hospital Stay

Marvin went to go get the boys mid morning to meet Drew. 

They came up to the hospital and the bigger brothers loved holding him.  Micah was so excited, it was pretty sweet.   He really loves tiny babies.

Judah however only wanted to love him with his intense toddler love, squeezes, touching mouths, ears, eyes and hitting.  He wasn’t pleased when we didn’t let him as evidence in this photo.  Ha!  

A friend suggested we use it as our Christmas Card this year, I think it’s fitting and love that Marvin snapped this picture. Also trying to entertain a toddler in a hospital room is not a lot of fun, especially a very curious one.

After lunch at the hospital, the boys headed home to all get some rest.  A couple of friends stopped in for a visit.  It was great seeing them and having some company.  The rest of the day I just rested and having Drew in my arms.  It felt great.   

Marvin planned on bringing the boys back in the evening, but it was storming and the older two were tired and they all needed baths.  So they opted to stay home.  A very good call.   We all were able to rest, which makes such a difference.

The next day the boys came back in the morning for a visit, and then Marvin took them home around lunch time and left them with some friends.  

I was thankful that he could come back so we could be dismissed together.  

We arrived home to some very excited older brothers.

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