Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tears for Esther

There was a time after we lost Seth where I found it incredibly difficult to pray.  My heart was a jumbled mess of emotions, and most of the time I found it difficult to connect those emotions to words.  That season my heart simply cried out to the Lord, I like to refer to that as a season of desperate prayers.  I believe the Lord understood my lack of words, he knew my broken heart.  He knew I desperately wanted to pick up the pieces and glorify him in sadness despite me articulating them.

Songs were such a gift during that time.  It was a season of listening and whispering, because it was so hard to sing.  The words of songs, I had sung in joy, suddenly carried much more meaning.  So as I heard the song It is Well this week it became the prayer of my heart for my sweet friend, who had to say goodbye too soon to her sweet baby girl.

So sweet friend.  I’m praying that….
Through it all, your eyes are on him.

And rejoicing that one day……
This mountain that’s in front of you will be thrown into the midst of the sea.

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