Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Third Trimester Travels

Planes are just a part of our life.  Micah does a great job, he knows the routine and enjoys being able to spend some extra time on electronics, etc.  Judah is getting there and even though he's in my least favorite age to fly with it's not bad.

But I’m not going to lie this visa run made me a little nervous to take both boys who get motion sick very easily with me.  One of which is a lap child and my lap is very small these days.

Poor Judah has an extremely sensitive stomach.  So on our way to our second city we traveled to this past week, when we encountered a bit of turbulence it was not shocking that he threw up.  Poor baby. But he's not shocked by it anymore.

Recently he found a ziplock bag (my preferred puke bags) came over to me, held it by his mouth and started coughing.  I guess he knows that if he coughs in the car, plane, or bus I will be pulling one out and putting it by his face. 

I tried the motion sickness sea bands on him for this trip and he won’t keep them on.  But they do entertain him for a while, taking them off and putting them back on, which keeps him still for a few minutes.  The motion sickness oil may help a bit, (maybe help more after the fact to mask the smell) but I feel like keeping him cool is the key.  However nothing helps when your plane is bouncing around in the sky, or your taxi driver is swerving in and out of traffic.  OYE!

I’m thankful Micah’s learned to control his sickness a bit and I do think the bands have helped him. Maybe one day we’ll get there with Judah.

I sure hope so.

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DeWeese Fam of Four said...

Oh Erica that is horrible sounding. As someone who still struggles with extreme motion sickness, I sympathize with you and the boys! Honestly prescription drugs are the best, with Dramamine being a close second, for me. I prefer to be groggy or asleep when riding on curvy roads or being in the air. Plus cold cold air and no restricting clothes. Ugh. So sorry!