Sunday, April 19, 2015

Growing Up

I switched out Judah’s 18 months clothes for 24 month clothes last month and that same day he got a hair cut.  Marvin dressed him for bed and put him in the least babyish PJs he has.  My heart hurt a bit seeing him looking all grown up.

He’s sure a fun little guy.  I love his smile, hugs, kisses, and sweet temperament.  (Although he can throw a good fit too.)

He’s curious and quiet.  When often leads to scenes like this……………

when we forget to latch the kitchen door.

He’s becoming more and more verbal which is really fun.  Here are a few words he’s been saying recently:

Waa baa=water bottle
Baa=ball, bottle
Ot=hot or cold
Mama=Mama or anything that belong's to Mama

Notice a trend?  He completely leaves the beginning or endings off of words.  Regardless I’m thankful he’s communicating.  It’s been fun watching his speech grow this past month.  He’s even joined in when his brothers start singing or when he’s happily playing.  I just love his little songs.

He’s a busy little one, who loves his big brothers fiercely and loves a good wrestling match.  He’s already a tough little guy, and I’m always so amazed at how much he loves rough housing with his big brothers.

He's growing up....too quickly.

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