Friday, April 17, 2015

From the lips of............

One of our teammates asked him if he knew the Pledge of Allegiance and he quickly recited it.  Then she said, “Did you know that kids in America say that every day when they start school?”  To which he responded….."Only in New York.”

My poor third culture kids, I’m thankful others can help educate them on what their peers in the states experience.

Micah’s become quite the chatter box, especially if Calvin is not around, so my days are full of listening to someone talk.  My ears tend to hurt at the end of the day. I am thankful Marvin is an introvert and doesn't require much chatter after the boys go down for bed.  He's great about giving me some much needed minutes of quiet every day.

After getting home from man camp, Micah showered then was eating dinner, still talking, and I finally told him I was going to put Judah and Calvin to bed so he could eat rather than talk.  About a minute later he comes to find me and says.  “Mama I have an important question........ How do monkeys drink water?”  Such questions permeate my days.

Micah’s also started to find potty humor very funny.  So the other day I reminded him that girls don’t think it’s funny to talk about tooting, or poo poo and it's important to be a gentleman around ladies.”  He quickly asked, “What about pee?”  Oh my,  think I have my work cut out for me.

And lastly he reminded me that he’s still little the other day after he fell down and scraped his hand, by saying,
“It’s okay if I cry a widdle bit when I get hurt since I’m not a man yet.”  -No buddy I’m glad you are not a man yet, I’ll enjoy these years while I can.

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Jamie said...

"What about pee, mom?" Love those boys!