Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coming soon

We’ve been working on Jingleheimer’s real name.  After naming 4 boys already finding a 5th name has been a challenge, but we’re getting close, might already have it, but I’m hesitant to commit.  It’s funny though that the boys refer to him as Jingleheimer now, I think it will be an adjustment using his real name once he’s born.

I got a peak at this little guy.  He’s big, measuring 3 weeks bigger than my due date.  I’m am for sure praying he comes early.  Judah was our biggest yet and I’m fearful for a 9# baby.  My due date was sort of questionable, but hopefully I can get to Istanbul just when I need to, and I’d really like to stay in Nineveh until right before I’m 36 weeks, which will mean we’ll only be separated for 2 weeks.

I have no idea how this little man is going to change our life, but I can’t wait.  I can’t wait to see how Judah interacts with him, I know for sure he’ll be interested in his eyes, mouth and nose.  It’s crazy to think Judah won’t be our baby any more come June.  Based on this last ultrasound I might only have a couple more months left to go, which is a relief to me.

Ultimately he’s healthy, and this appointment put my mind at ease, my fluid level dropped a bit to only borderline high so that’s good.  Still having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing to be alarmed about.

I feel huge, and well I am.  I just have to remind myself it’s our 5th baby, but I'm going to have my work cut out for me after this guy is born losing this baby weight.  But it's worth it.

I am a lot of you have seen this little bit about having 4 kids.  I especially found it funny when he mentioned 4 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment, we thought it through. Yep that’s us.

I’ve been able to have several conversations with the moms in Calvin’s class about this little guy.  Most of them are shocked we have so many kids, especially so far away from our family.  Just another way our children help give the Lord praise.  Friday we even got into abortion and how I believe all children are a blessing and I would never consider abortion, and even shared about losing Seth and what a gift his life has been to me.

So in just a couple months and maybe a few weeks, we’ll get to add another sweet boy to this family.  What a gift.

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Jamie said...

I love everything about this post! You look great. And that Jim Gaffigan video was priceless.