Thursday, April 16, 2015

March Crafting

So March I didn’t get much creative time in.  It was busy.  I did get a chance to mend a few things that needed mending, but I don’t consider that fun or a stress reliever, but it's needed from time to time, so what can you do?

I did get started on Jingleheimer’s baby quilt.  I love how it’s coming.  Now if I can just get a couple of free minutes.......and maybe be in the same country where it's located, so I can finish it. ;)

Even though my creative time was a bit lacking this month, I did get together with some friends and learned how to make roses out frosting.  Everyone else did a great job, but I was not so great at making them.  I decided my role would be best to help make more frosting, package up finished cupcakes, etc.  I did enjoy watching everyone else enjoy themselves.

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