Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Rough few Months

In October Judah grabbed my curling iron and had a 2nd degree burn on his hand.  We saw a plastic surgeon in Istanbul to make sure it was healing properly. 

Thankfully it is healing and we’ve notice the nerves must be reforming because he’s been sensitive to it in the cold.

Then recently he took a tumble over his bus and knocked a couple teeth loose.

Even though Micah was our craziest and most adventurous one, he’s definitely our most coordinated one.  Judah’s had more bruises than Micah ever did and Calvin had a constant bruise on his forehead during his toddler days.

Judah’s latest battle has been with Girardia.  The only way we’ve been able to continue to use our cloth diapers has been with these diaper liners.

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