Monday, March 09, 2015

Smile. Personality. @ 1 ½.

Judah has been such a little hoot these days. His personality seems to be growing more and more each day, and his passions and dislikes are very obvious.

Taking anything out of the cupboard.  He also has a radar for the child safety locks, it is like he senses they are open and comes running.

He’s also very obsessed with the laundry detergent.  Our washing machine is in the kitchen, which means that he’s around it much more often and from time to time the lock is unlatched meaning he seizes the opportunity.

Music-He loves to dance and love his little dance stomp he does.

Wrestling-He will jump on anyone on the floor.  Micah and he have enjoyed this game together and it’s always amazing how many squeals of delight it produces on both accounts.

Pencils.  Markers.  Pens.  Which he also loves to write on anything and everything.

His little car.

  He can make it move.

Animals-They all sounds like this.  “WOOOOO”

Brushing his teeth-he will come running when you mention it.

Eating-he loves his food or anyone else’s food for that matter.

Bath time-This boy loves splashing!

Waiting on food-zero tolerance.

Going to take a nap-pitches a fit every time, but is asleep in about 2 minutes.

Meat-The boy still refuses to eat meat.

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