Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring time for a TCK

Here spring starts on March 1st.  It’s a much easier way to remember the seasons

December, January, February=winter. 
March, April, May=Spring
June, July, August=Summer
September, October, November=Fall

So at dinner the night before spring started Calvin told Micah,
“Micah, tomorrow we are going to see tons of birds.”

We had a good laugh about how the birds don’t know the calendar they come back when the weather is warmer and suddenly it all made sense to him.

Thankfully it appears that winter is over in our neck of the woods and we all are enjoying being outside a bit more, even if it means rain boots for everyone.

I sometimes buy hotdogs for the boys but if we want hot dog buns I have to make them.  Not going to happen for a quick lunch during the week, so they only eat them without buns.  Calvin saw a picture of a hot dog in a bun and said, “Mom I think those would be so hard to eat, I can’t understand why people would put them in bread.”  It’s moments like these when I see just a glimpse into his third culture kid's mind.

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