Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stuff you really can’t make up

Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in Micah’s head.  He has these ideas that I just don’t know where they came from.

On pinterest I saw this great little trick about putting a rubber band on your soap dispenser so that it controls how much soap comes out.  That tip was designed for Micah.  He loves to steal the soap, and pump away, often in random places in our house.  He has also defeated my just put the soap up higher trick, by getting his chair from his room to reach it.

The other day I caught him sitting on the floor in the bathroom with the soap and two plastic cups, just filling them up with soap.

Monday I finished hanging laundry and was heading back to see what the boys were doing, when I hear, “Mommy I don’t think Micah should be playing with that, he’s going to break it.”  Right as I walk in the kitchen the pepper shaker shattered into pieces.

Sunday we hosted our HC and I made a poppy seed cake.  I walked into the kitchen and Micah’s pulled up a chair gotten himself a knife and started cutting himself a piece of cake. 

Just yesterday Calvin said, “Ummm Micah I don’t think you should eat that, it’s old and gross.”  I asked what he was talking about and he said. “Micah put some grapes in the broom handle a long time ago and now he’s getting them out and eating them.”

Seriously I just can’t make this stuff up. 

But that’s what I love about that little man.  He keeps me on my toes, but oh man is he fun to have around.


Michelle said...

LOL, what a goof! Can't wait to see some of his antics in PERSON!

Sherry said...

I love this. You are so right...Micah and G would be the perfect pair.

Becky said...

LOL..........the grapes thing cracks me up and grosses me out all at the same time!