Friday, September 21, 2012

Resting Place

When we had to make decisions about Seth’s burial and funeral our heads were really spinning.  We hadn’t talked about a cemetery before, and the times we had talked about death it was always about one of us and not about our children.

So after a little thinking, it just made sense to bury Seth in the little country cemetery near my grandparent’s farm. 

It’s a place I grew up visiting.  It’s quiet and peaceful.  I think Marvin and I both feel like that was the best decision, we’re thankful that my family will drop in every now and then and make sure his grave is kept tidy.

My grandparent’s farm has meant so much to me.  It was and is a place to go and play.  To explore the great outdoors.  One time my cousins and I went looking for bulls in the pasture without telling our parents, not a bright move on our part.  I was terrified of dogs so my cousin probably ended up carrying me the entire time, needless-to-say we didn’t find any bulls and found some worried parents when we returned.  It is memories like those that fuel my love for this plot of land in the middle of Kansas.  

Grandpa and Grandma's place is nothing fancy but a place where my love for my extended family grew.  So having Seth buried close to there is pretty meaningful.  My grandpa told me that Seth was the 7th generation of our family that was buried in the little country cemetery and that’s pretty special.

We met my grandparents the day after I was released from the hospital for lunch and as we were walking out, my sweet grandpa said, “Well I guess you are old enough to handle things like this.”  I don’t know if you are ever old enough to handle the blow of losing a child, but Grandpa having a place to remember Seth so close to a special place helps tremendously.

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