Friday, September 28, 2012

In the past week

Calvin finally got to go back to school {insert cartwheels and clapping)! 

He has a new head teacher, part of me is sad, because his teacher last year was wonderful.  But his new teacher seems nice.  Calvin even made a couple of new friends and a few of the boys who he said were mean last year are now nice to him.

I used up my last Mac & cheese packet I brought back from the states L.  Those were such a gift these past two months.  I knew when I was out of energy and out of bread I could reach into the cupboard and I’d have something to fill these little bellies with very little effort.  I guess I’ll have to start thinking of a few lunch ideas, or actually put the energy into grating cheese to make mac and cheese from scratch.

I'm still not caught up on laundry from our camping trip, two weeks ago.  I need to tackle the sleeping bags.  

Language started again.  I need the mental workout, to whip my brain back into language shape.  It’s so much work for me to formulate a sentence these days.  I literally cringe at my grammar mistakes.

We’ve seen the most beautiful fall weather mixed with a few foggy ones.  Love the sunny ones so much more than the foggy ones.

A friend was turned around when flying into our country.  I’ve been sad with them, as they grieve a very special place for them.  This city won’t be the same without them here.

I finally made some time to can some tomatoes for winter.  I’ll be thankful to have them, and not to have to pay a crazy amount for tomatoes come winter but man it’s a lot of work, and messy.

I also made some grape jelly.  Grape jelly is such a treat, since you can’t buy it here. It’s the first time I’ve ever made it, and it was pretty easy, much easier than tomatoes.

Now all that is left is to can some applesauce.  Awesomesauce is what it should be called, my boys can devour that stuff, which gives little time to appreciate the work it took to make it.

Randomly I decided to make french toast sticks instead of french toast one day which rocked the boys world.  Both boys ate happily and loved dipping their sticks.  I also didn't have to cut up any sticky french toast.  Win, win.  Why didn't I think of this earlier, so I made a bunch more for the freezer for easy breakfasts during the week.

I knocked a bottle of vanilla onto the stove while cooking this week.  There were flames all over my stove where the vanilla spilled, but my kitchen smelled amazing afterwards.

I also managed to spray myself in the eye with perfume at the market while testing out a few.  Not one of my better moments.

So that's what we've been up to.  I hope you all had a great week.

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Susanne said...

I may be contacting you at some point about canning/storing things. I'm a little intimidated, but want to learn!!