Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Sometimes I have a bad attitude; well actually a lot of times I have a bad attitude.

Recently it’s been about losing the baby weight.  I’ve never been one of those women who look like they’ve never had a baby just days after having one.  So I didn’t think losing the baby weight this time would come easily, but I prayed it would just magically fall off.

Sometimes it feels like an unfair parting gift, God gets to keep my baby while I have to watch what I eat, and have to work out every day.  But then I find myself face to face with an attitude of entitlement.

Does God owe me anything?  Nope, but I’m praying he’ll help me in this journey as I lose the post baby pouch that is not at all flattering.

It’s been three months since giving birth now and I’m 4 pounds away from my pre Seth weight.  It truly is the fastest I’ve ever lost weight after having a baby, and considering 1 ½ months of that I wasn’t even allowed to exercise due to the c-section, I should be happy with those results.  But my heart is just itching for a quick fix.  I’m not very good at waiting, especially if it means self control and sacrifice.  So through the extra pounds I feel like I’m learning a ton.

One of the sweet things through the hours of workouts I’ve done recently has been that sometimes when I’m really struggling and starting to feel sorry for myself, I’ll be facing Seth’s picture on our living room wall.  I just keep telling myself that Seth was worth it.  It has helped the bitterness go away, because he was worth it.

So we’ll see how fast this baby weight is shed, but I’m working at it and thankful that even through exercise the Lord is teaching me to rely on him.

Also I can’t wait for these last 4 pounds to come off so I can get some new shoes! J


Sherry said...

So proud to call you friend. Loving you from too stinking far away.

Erica said...

Love you too Sherry Lynn.