Thursday, September 27, 2012

All for a signature

Calvin started local preschool again this year…but like all things there was a little delay. 

We got him ready for school and took him on the first day of school.  He did great.  He loved seeing his teachers and friends but then they needed a note from the doctor saying he was healthy.

……our stuff from America wasn’t good enough.

But to get the note you had to see a ton of “specialists”.  I say this lightly because I really don’t know if they have any actual medical knowledge; it’s common for people to pay for their degrees, particularly for medical degrees.  Sad, but true fact of living here and I really hate that for all the people who really need good sound medical advice, but I’ve digressed.

Thankfully we found a pediatrcian at a private clinic who took the time to make some calls and find various doctors in town who would see us for a fee.  (We don’t have gov’t insurance, so we can’t use the polyclinics like everyone else does.) 

We saw the neurologist, ophthalmologist, orthopedic, a surgeon, an ENT, and the pediatrician.  All of which did the same exact things as our fabulous doctor in America did in a 20 minute well child exam.

Then we were on to some lab work.

Calvin had to have blood drawn……………
He completely freaked out.  They didn’t get a vein the first attempt so he was shaking and screaming in this language, No I don’t want to.  No.  Stop.  They finally got what they needed, and I was so relieved it was over.  It was hard to remain calm for Calvin’s sake.

We spent a couple days seeing all these specialists.  On one of these days I explained to Calvin which doctors we would see and what they would do.  I told him that we would see a doctor who would look at his bones and check and make sure they were good.  The whole day Calvin was so worried about the orthopedic doctor.  He kept asking if he was going to poke him again, or if they would need to cut him like they cut me when Seth was born.  I couldn’t figure out why he was so worried, but finally after lunch he asked, “But mommy how are they going to see my bones if they don’t cut me?”

Poor guy.  He was relieved to know they would only touch his skin and feel his bones.

So after waiting 2 ½ weeks for this beautiful piece of paper, we got it.

Calvin’s back to school.  Glad to know that’s over……….

until next year.


Carmen said...

Wild! You will have to do that every year!?! And what if he "isn't healthy"?

Michelle said...

Ugh, the joys we have to look forward to! Actually, it's about the same here...that's why they say it's better to get your medical clearance in the States, because you can do almost all of it at one doctor. As for what local places need though...ugh. Just ugh.

Susanne said...

Wow...I knew they had to be certified healthy (we had to do the same thing for our cat, ha!) but 5 different specialists??