Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mr. Calvin, in the living room, with a shoe horn

Nope it's not a new clue game.
I switched out Calvin's puzzles the other day and also a few toys and started to feel bad because he doesn't have very many to choose from, but that didn't last long. You see his FAVORITE toys aren't even toys. Here are a few of his favorites:

#1 Shoe horn- I brought this one back from IKEA in Turkey this summer because I was tired of hearing our metal one hit the floor. So glad I did as he plays with it every. single. day. So far the beloved shoe horn has been transformed into………
a hockey stick
a sword
a light saber
a ramp for cars
a gun
a hill for his lego men to go "sliding"
a bat
a hook
a "potting cope" ie spotting scope
a fishing pole

It's also great to reach things that go under the couch and chairs, among many other things.

#2 Hangers…..this one is slightly annoying because we really don't have any spare ones and the second I get some out of the closet to hang up clothes here comes a little boy ready to play with them.

You might be asking yourself, what can you do with a hanger? Well you can certainly hook it to anything and everything and drag it. They make great wings, or "Buzz wings" as Calvin likes to call them. They are also great swords and guns. (A little tangent, I never intended my child play guns, but guess what, he's a boy and they do that. Also he sees them a lot more in our part of the world.)

#3 String, rope, my resistance bands, or grrrrrrrr my sewing measuring tape
So many possibilities with this one, there's the obvious tying something up. (I am not sure why but all boys I've ever been around love that game.) A rope can also be used as a leash, a river to jump over, a measuring tape, something to rescue someone, a fishing pole, to practice repelling, etc.

I am very thankful for his creative imagination, and also thankful we don't have a billion toys to clutter our home. I seriously would go crazy.

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