Thursday, February 17, 2011

Very Blue

Sunday, Calvin melted when I started my work out because he wanted me to skip a part of it, so I sent him to his room.  Then he woke up his brother with his crying, so Marvin was taking care of the littlest one while I worked out.  Since both parents were busy Squeezicks was in his room for a while, 30 minutes, a long while, the next thing I hear was "Mommy I painted my hands."

The rest was history.  I opened the door to find a little boy laying on his bed with his hands proped up on his chin with not only blue hands but blue circles of paint around his eyes, imagine a racoon.  So I told him to go wash his hands and face, but didn't specify the order....wrong move.

He washed his face first......with his blue painted hands.

He comes out of the bathroom with slightly blue hands but a completely blue face.  HILARIOUS.  Sorry no pictures he was a bit embarassed.

How horrible of me but I could not look at the child without bursting out laughing, so Marvin tackled the 20 minutes of face scrubbing.  Most of it came off, but he did look like he was rockin some blue eye makeup.

Never a dull moment when you have kids.

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