Friday, February 11, 2011

pilgrim's progress

Today my language teacher told me I say my "r's" like I have a hot potato in my mouth, which just made me laugh much for progress.  Oh and our teacher is very encouraging like that ALL the time, I love her blunt comments, it makes it fun.

We had our language examined in January and we got the results back this week and we were where we thought we were, middle of the road, although Marvin did better than I did in two areas.  This was not so shocking to me, but because he underestimates his abilities he was pretty shocked by it.  It was good to see these results and see what we need to work on, and for me, ahem I need to pronounce words correctly so I don't sound like I have a hot potato in my mouth on top of a slew of other things.  But at the same time it puts things in perspective of how far we have to go.

Someday I will be able to open my mouth and sound intelligent and not like a blubbering idoit, until then I'll dream about that seemingly impossible dream.

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