Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One way to bug a house

My sister sent a Christmas gift for the boys and the post office called and said it arrived. So after lunch we used our legs (Calvin was disappointed we had to walk) to go pick it up. Unfortunately Calvin thought that Aunt Natalie would actually be with the package. After the lady gave us the package he asked where Aunt Natalie was, if she was back behind the door. Poor guy was crushed to learn she wasn't there. (I mean big crocodile tears of disappointment).

So we finally collected ourselves and made our 30 minute walk back home to open our package and see what goodies were inside. My parents filled it with other goodies too, Calvin loved his new shirt from Aunt Nat and we love Micah's K-State board book. We've enjoyed some yummy goodies like twizzlers and Reese pieces. But the smallest thing included caused the most drama, a little tiny little wiggling bug. You turn it on and it takes off. Calvin of course loves it.

That evening I went to the kitchen to start dinner and bake some strawberry bread. Calvin came in with his bug and I thought no biggie, surely it won't go in that little crack by the stove. You know where this is going.

So it went in that crack, Marvin wasn't home so I started prepping dinner and making bread.

5 minutes later Marvin's home and the bug is still going crazy behind the stove. We contemplated letting it run out of battery, but it was annoying, so he pulled out the stove.

Crazy bug takes off behind the cabinets; we hear it hitting the washing machine.

Marvin moves the washing machine out, crazy bug now moves under the sink cabinet.

We take everything out from under the sink and pull out the vacuum.

20 minutes later VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40 minutes later we now have a clean kitchen, clean oven, and clean floor behind two appliances.

Thanks small bug for helping us get to those places we rarely clean.

Now you know why that small bug is in a safe place for the time being.

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