Monday, February 07, 2011

3 Month Sugar Lump

Our little sugar lump is certainly getting bigger. At 3 months he was 24 ½ inches tall and 14 ½ lbs. He's a chunky little guy, but oh so sweet.

He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his hands, he prefers them over toys.

He loves his big brother, tracks him around the room loves to smile at him, to which big Bro loves and has to report to me every time Micah is "piling" at him.

He's still our little cuddle bug, loves being in people's arms and loves the sling (which is how I wash dishes most days). At one point I thought we were getting close to being able to lay him in his crib awake to fall asleep but well that's just not happening right now. So I will savor my days rocking him to sleep while they are still here. I know they are numbered.

He's our little side roller, but hasn't quite made it over on his own yet. Usually he'll get distracted and find his hands and then life's peachy, who needs to roll over when you're munching on delicious hands.

At 3 months he's been waking up once around the middle of the night 3ish and PTL started going to bed earlier!!! No more night owl, which means I've been going to bed before 1:00 a.m., which makes for a much more rested and better mama.

He's the king of "aaaaaaaaaa gooooooooooooo's." Our conversations are so precious these days.

And most days I can't get enough of his sweet little kissable cheeks. I so wish you all could give him a big squeeze and kiss those soft delicious cheeks.

We love you little buddy.



Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY cute! Also, loved your little monster friend you made. You are so very creative, Erica. :)

Cousin Becky

Michelle said...

Look at that belly! Lane only weighs 18.5 pounds at a year...craziness! Glad he's sleeping well for you, too!