Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Changes

It's crazy how quickly a place changes. We first stepped foot in Nineveh 5 years ago and oh my have things changed. Marvin and I had a good time reminiscing earlier about some fun memories with some dear people. Since our part of the world doesn't attract many visitors each team member or visitor makes for some sweet memories.

So for those of you who have lived here and have moved on, or those who have come to visit I would like to share a few things that you may or may not be SHOCKED by.

I have fond memories of trying to furnish our apartment when we first arrived, trudging through the slush and ice in the market, going back to the B's apartment to warm up our feet before we went back for another round……then hauling that all back to our apartment by public transportation. Today we have plenty of places to go indoors to find these things. It was such a different experience a year ago, filling a grocery cart, or two full of things we needed, then loading them into a van and driving back home with most of the necessities in a matter of hours. 5 years ago this would have been CRAZY talk.

And speaking of stores we have several large grocery stores, one of which is within walking distance to our apartment. I can't tell you how much of a blessingit is to have a place that sells some of the harder to find items  just right up the road.

We still use the market when we need a lot of random things, but it's tough to manage with two kids. They are revamping the market too. There is now a building for dishes, a building for clothing, a building for fruit and vegetables, and we no longer have a candy room but a candy building. The cheese/candy/ chicken building is also being updated. I'm telling you it's CRAZY.

We now have several buildings with escalators going BOTH ways. The "mall" is now a grocery store with a great toy store on the top floor. (Some things will never change:  the prices of clothing, toys, and everything is still outrageous.)

We have a real mall, with an ice skating rink inside, that's ALWAYS busy. This mall also has a sweet movie theatre, new bowling alley, a sushi restaurant, and a real western fast food restaurant (with a great play place for kids).

Marshrutkas are now 12 p instead of 6p and there's talk that's going up soon.  Prices of most things have doubled.

There are twice as many cars around, but they all still drive just as crazy. Since there has been an increase of people driving the city added about a billion speed bumps to slow them down.

With all these changes it makes me wonder what else will change in the next 5 years?????????????
It will be fun to see what crazy talk right now may be a reality in 5 years.

P.S. We miss our old teammates, and you always will be our teammates even though you don't live here anymore. We sure did have a lot of fun together didn't we?

I smile every time I see deodorant, or dolphin shower curtains, L.
Walk past the coke cans during the summer, J.
See a hand towel for sale, or little ladies selling baked goods, D.
And P your phrases are iconic and still make us laugh.

Well that's a long post, I better take P's advice and trail off, trail off, trail off………

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