Monday, August 02, 2010

You win some and you lose some

I'm pretty infamous about not reading directions. Basically I think I know what I'm doing, so I don't pay attention to the steps. Then about half way through the recipe/project I reread the instructions because I've forgotten something to find out I've missed a step or two, or done something different. Most of the time things work out, well this cake was another story.

Our teacher had a birthday and I wanted to make a cake that had a local flair. Marvin and I decided a marble cake would be best, and thought I'd try this frosting since it claimed it wasn't super sweet. (Local frosting is on the less sweet side of the scale.) I didn't know how it would hold up overnight so I woke up early and started it. I finished chilling my flour milk mixture and just dumped everything together, if you want to make this don't do that. It never made it to the right fluffy consistency. So because I didn't have time to start over I slopped it on the cake, and watched as most of it slid right off the sides. Because I wanted to make it even more of a wreck I added a purple blob border at the bottom (which Calvin liked to call the choo choo train) and a little happy birthday on top. I just hoped the taste made up for it. Thankfully our teacher was more surprised that I made a cake and did not comment on my lack of decorating abilities. I'm not giving up on this recipe though because it was mighty tasty, next time I'll follow the directions. (Oh and I'm pretty sure this is not made to replace a buttercream frosting).

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Paprika said...

Okay this is so ironic. I just tried making a frosting recipe similar to this. I think it was intended to be the same thing. Mine turned out all liquid-y and grainy too. I was so bummed. Not sure what I did. Not beat the sugar/crisco long enough? Not let the milk and flour cool long enough? I'll try again.