Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finishing Fast

Last week I was working hard to finish up a few baby clothes.  I only brought a few neutral clothes with us and clothes are just so expensive where we are at,and not even very cute.  So I decided to tackle a few projects so our little guy would have something to wear.  I also tackled my hatred fear of sewing with knits.  I'll be honest it wasn't that bad this time around.  I've had some pretty bad experiences working with knits but after doing these projects I have more confidence.  I guess practice always helps.  I made 5 pairs of little pants, which are ridiculously easy, it's not even funny how fast you can whip up a pair of baby pants.
I've been dying to make these 90 minute shirts since I saw them.  Our little guy will be born, we hope, when it's cooler (that's how I remember things with Calvin)  so I wanted to make a few long sleeved shirts.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how they turned out.  I also added a few appliques to some onesies but didn't get pictures of those.  Those will have to wait until they are modeled by this little bug.

Project stroller revamp was successful.  I had finished the seat part a while back but needed to make bias tap and sew over he existing trim.  I kept putting it off because of the work it would take initially.  So when we got home late Saturday night and found out I would be leaving VERY soon, it was crunch time.  Thankfully I was able to finish this project during Calvin's Sunday nap, and I love the transformation.  It wasn't too difficult either.  Oh and if you ever want to make bias tape, here's a great tutorial that will save you so much time.

I had so much fun sewing recently.  It's been fun looking at the finished project and having my heart melt thinking about the little tiny baby that will soon be here.

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Maria and Michelle said...

I have been working on my craft closet this weekend and am really trying to get myself organized so I can start doing stuff again someday. Learning to sew is high on my priority list. You do such a fabulous job! How expensive is fabric over there?

~ Michelle