Tuesday, August 10, 2010

With new skills come new challenges

Calvin's becoming more and more a preschooler and less and less a toddler. Part of me is excited to see him learn new skills and knowledge but also a little sad that his toddler days are numbered. Recently he's been working on a few social skills, which will be very helpful when little brother arrives.
The first one is pouring, he's become obsessed with pouring his own drink, and thankfully we have just the right size pitchers for him to pour from. He's also attempting to pour his own cereal for breakfast and his milk (our milk comes in liter boxes which are 100% easier to pour than gallon jugs in the states). He's also gotten very good at knowing where the towels are to clean up the liquid that doesn't make it in his cup. Two great skills, however since he knows how to do these things he thinks he can do them all the time without help and without asking. So we're learning how to ask first.

The second thing he has loved lately is changing his clothes. His mood changes throughout the day and so does his desire to be certain team. When he wants to be different team he NEEDS a new shirt and since he has a new shirt he has to have a new pair of pants, and with new pants come new underwear. It's so funny watching him try to undress himself as fast as possible just to get to that new shirt. So he's keeping our washing machine busy. He's slowly getting the dress yourself thing, although he's gotten stuck in shirts more times than I can count and today he wore a pair of undies backwards for the better half of the day. 

And I'm learning that matching isn't that important.

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