Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smells of Childhood

Do you have smells that you remind of your childhood.  For me I can always remember the fresh cut grass smell most Saturday mornings, and the smell of bacon.  Dad was always good at cooking breakfast Saturday mornings.  I also can clearly recall the smell of our vaccumm, mom was and still is a great about housework.  I also remember the smell and sounds of my grandma making tortillas.  Those are a few that stand out to me.

Sunday and Monday I was busy canning those 20 kilograms of tomatoes we bought.  When I emerged from the hot kitchen on Sunday Marvin said, it smelled like his childhood.  How fun is that!  Who knew canning tomatoes would bring back such strong memories!

I've offically canned 17 jars of tomatoes, and salsa.  The salsa was entirely too much work.  We don't have small jars here and after 3 hours of work, I only had 4 jars of salsa, such a bummer.  What I will do more of is diced and whole/crushed tomatoes.  Those babies were easy, now if only it would cool off so it wouldn't be such a hot process.

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