Tuesday, August 03, 2010

{and worms}

Last week we had a few rainy days and there were snails everywhere. This week it's been hot and dry and Calvin's wondered where his precious snails have gone anytime we walk anywhere. We made a quick run to the kiosks near our apartment building after lunch one day to pick up some essentials and the whole way he was searching for snails. It was like he found a treasure when at last he spotted one about half way home.
In order to get home faster I told him we'd take it home and put it in a container with some water and rocks and that when he woke up from nap we'd see if the snail came out of his shell. Sure enough after his nap this is what we discovered.

He was pretty thrilled about that little snail. And I'm thrilled that the snail survived a curious Calvin and found a new home outside that evening.

I happened to be skyping with my mom this same day and she told him that little boys were made of snips, and snails and puppy dog tails. Which he quickly added…. "and worms".  He obviously knows since he's a boy.

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