Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Marvin had a good camping/hiking trip last week, one of the local guys who went used to play ball with Marvin when we lived here before, so it was fun for Marvin reconnect with him.  Overall it was a good trip.  This particular mountain was pretty rough once they got past the trail, loose rock and you had to climb over several peeks to summit.  Marvin decided he'd rather not break a leg or die so he let a few go on, only one local made it to the top, thankfully without any injuries.  Marvin said he was like a goat and literally ran up the mountain.

Thankfully Calvin was super sweet and obedient while Marvin was gone, which always makes it easier.  This weekend he decided he's delaying the big mountain till next year.  He wasn't comfortable being gone for 5 days right now.  Anyone want to come and join him next year?

He's been very cautious of what I do and just doesn't feel right being gone that many days during week 30 of my pregnancy.  These are his exact words I heard after I tried to talk him into going, "I'd be the worst husband in the world if my wife went into labor while I was trying to climb a mountain."

Week 30 was the week I went into labor with Calvin and I have a lot of the same similarities this time around too.  My ultrasound this week was encouraging, but I still have to be cautious because of the excess amniotic fluid.  With Calvin I saw the doctor on Wednesday and everything was fine, then went into labor on Sunday.  Thankfully the contractions I am having, even though they are 5 minutes apart have not progressed things, PTL.  Still it makes us nervous with the likelihood of preterm labor.  It's a daily struggle of placing my fears in his hands, but we are thankful to stay home as long as we can before traveling out to deliver.  Thank you for those of you who have prayed for us and for the safety of this tiny little guy.  Keep it up!

On a happier note here are a few pictures of Marvin's last trip.

Hiking up to their campsite
The goal
The Campsite
The lifts close early so they were able to use the deck of the restaurant to set up camp.
The Accent
That's all loose rock friends, these guys are crazy
The decent
He'll make it up this guy next year.
Visitors are always welcome!

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