Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Oh My!

Wow has this has been a long week. I really love my child, but there have been moments recently where I have had to choose to love him. We have had a nice little break in his behavior problems. Last week he woke up so happy, even Marvin commented at how happy he was. His cold finally went away and he was well rested. We had a blast playing together, it was wonderful. Then something changed. He has been very irritable and has had trouble sleeping. The other night he was up probably half the night and was awake at 6:15! Another molar is trying to push through, so we are hoping this is the culprit of this irritability. The batteries in his little crib toy also stopped working so he was very mad about that. He'll often wake up in the middle of the night and press it and go right back to sleep, so I think that has added to the funk. (Thankfully we got batteries yesterday and he finally slept through the night.)

He's also getting very frustrated when he plays. He loves containers and I recently gave him some peanut butter jars and he would get so mad when he tried to take the lids off, because he had twisted it on and it couldn't open it. I pulled out some new toys this week and among the "new toys" I put an egg carton and some plastic eggs out. He loved it until he found out they opened and that is all he wanted to do, open and close them. The only problem, he couldn't close them. I really thought I was a patient person but it seriously has taken everything I have to be patient with him when he gets so frustrated.

But we have had some fun times. Here are a few pictures of my little sweet guy from the weekend. I am so thankful that the Lord has entrusted him to our care.

Putting all the stickers on his shirt. He now knows what to do with stickers. They will entertain him for hours.

He love to stack things and I looked over at snack time the other day and he had stacked his bananas. How cute.
On a completely random note, I am so ready to be finished with this package of Luv's. I bought these probably in October and they were on the bottom of the stack. I finally decided to open them and oh my goodness we've had so many leaks. I've had to change Calvin's pants at least once a day. Thankfully I only have about 10 left, so 2 more days, max! Also on the diaper front, we had thought about switching to cloth diapers this summer, to help transition to potty training. I was so pumped last night to find out you can make your own! I'm going to try it out! They look like regular diapers you just have to get a cover and snappies, but I may try to attach velcro. I am really excited. I had looked into using prefolds but these look much easier. If you google making your own cloth diapers, you'll find several free patterns. I am so pumped!
We had a great weekend. I slacked a bit on my sewing, so I'm behind schedule, but it's looking promising right now. I've had to set a schedule for myself, which has helped get me to bed before midnight, I'm naturally a night owl but when you have a child to care for that doesn't work. I now have a list of things I'd like to finish for the week and deadlines for each item. It has pushed me to stay focused. I'm still thinking of names. I hope to post a poll on Friday. I need to get on Etsy and check to see if the names I have thought of are taken.
My parents came down on Sunday and Calvin had a blast around them. He certainly knows how to work my mom. She'll hold him anytime he asks. Calvin thinks my dad is pretty funny and always laughs when he says hello boy by. We had a good time with them and they bought him an adorable little Easter Outfit. I can't wait for him to wear it. It was crazy at the selection of little boys stuff vs. little girls clothes. There was only one rack of nicer clothes to choose from vs. about 10 of sweet little dresses.
I am very excited to see my inlaws this weekend. Calvin and I haven't seen Marvin's parents since Christmas, that's way too long for being in the same country, but they've been busy and we haven't traveled in a while to save some gas money. I am sure they will be shocked at how much Calvin has changed. We're hoping for good weather, Calvin would love to go play on the farm.
This turned out longer than I thought. I hope you guys have a great day!


Amanda said...

I just read your post about buying in bulk over at Effortless Saving and I had to share what I've been looking into lately. It's kind of like a food co-op. You can look into businesses like Azure Standard. Basically, a group of people get together and place an order and then Azure will deliver the food to a certain delivery place and everyone comes and picks up their things. The prices are very decent. Azure doesn't deliver to Georgia but they might where you are. Check it out!

The DeWeese Trio said...

Thanks for sharing about Luvs. I was debating trying them out since they are cheaper. Good to hear an honest opinion on them. Please keep us updated on the cloth diapers. Between you & Amanda I'm considering them for the future.