Monday, April 06, 2009

Good Times

We had a great weekend and I had an even better computer fast this weekend. It was beautiful and a much needed break. It was great to see Marvin's family and we sure wished we lived closer.
Calvin's been having a rough time falling asleep these days so Friday night was a little rough. We finally gave up trying to make him sleep in the crib around 1:00, the rest of night was filled with lots of him rolling over on my face and plenty elbows, knees and legs in our sides. We love that he sleeps in his own bed, I don't think we'd get any sleep if we hadn't encouraged him to sleep in his own bed.

Calvin went on his first tractor ride this weekend and loved it. He didn't want to get out. He was so busy playing with all the toys at Grandma's house and enjoyed some time with his aunts and uncles and cousins. He tired himself out and thankfull slept through the night, it's the first time in a while since that has happened. Teething is no fun for anyone involved!

I think I've set some unrealistic expectations of myself with this Etsy shop. Doing things during Calvin's naps and after he goes to bed really limits me. So I'll have those ideas up tonight after I make sure none of the names I've thought of violate any tradmarks or copyrights. I know you all can't wait to vote.

Here are some favorite pictures we've taken of Calvin recently.

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