Monday, April 13, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend to Celebrate

We had a short week last week, I think I barely got all our laundry finished before it was time to pack again. I was trying to get sewing projects done for my Etsy shop that is now officially named From Head 2 Toe. I even have a cute logo. This week I need to get some good pictures taken and hopefully everything will be ready for my shop to open next week. (I know I've been saying that forever but I'm getting close.)
Make sure you check out my new blog Effortless Savings because I'm going to give away a pair of baby shoes, to kick off the opening of my Etsy shop (I hope you saw the pun in that).

This weekend we headed to my grandparents' farm. Marvin helped the guys pour a new side walk, but it wouldn't have looked so professional if my cousin's husband wasn't overseeing the project. It looks great. After it had dried a bit all the little ones and my grandparents put their hands in the cement. I am thankful that they now have a good side walk to get to their garage. Since they are getting older falls are more of a risk now, I'm glad the broken path is a thing of the past.

Here we are waiting on our instructions:

Calvin's turn

Calvin had a blast playing with his cousins. I'm always thankful when he has other kids to pal around with. He needs to work on his social skills and can gain so much from older kids. He followed his cousin Susie around everywhere. If he wasn't following her, she was following him.

This weekend was the first weekend I had helped work on my grandparents rental house. The woman who had lived in it for several years was evicted since she hadn't paid rent for over a year and the place was NASTY. I'm kind of glad I didn't see it before, apparently it stunk like you would not believe and was so filthy, they found rodent nests all over the place. The sad thing is this lady had a daughter living with her, poor thing.

It still smelled a bit but they got new carpeting and new tile laid in the kitchen and bathroom and after we cleaned the walls of the back porch it smelled much better. Hopefully they can get it rented to people who won't destroy the place. My family has put a lot of work into it.

Calvin loved hunting for eggs, he got the hang of it pretty fast after he saw the other kids hunting. Only grand kids unmarried get to participate in the hunt, but we have a running joke with my brother because we always hide his eggs in places he has already looked, so he's always the last one finished. Well this year my grandma forgot to put his eggs out so he was searching for nothing. He did get his prize after it was all over. You don't want to miss out on grandma's hunt because it's very profitable. Today I bought Calvin a pair of goulashes and some color wonder markers with some of his money from the hunt. He even got to test out his new shoes while we waited for Marvin to finish up with work. There were some pretty good splashing puddles out today. I have a feeling those shoes are going to be well loved. Here are some pictures of the great hunt 0f '09.

Trying to figure out what was inside the egg.

Easter didn't start off so well. Calvin woke up at 6:30 in the morning begging for his milk and he was up for good. I was hoping he would sleep in because he didn't nap well and didn't get to bed till late. Thankfully Grandpa was willing to entertain him while we slept another hour. When I woke up I asked Marvin what he did with our Easter clothes. He said, "I haven't seen them since they were on our bed at home." Oops I put them on the coat rack and forgot to load them and all I had were scrubby clothes. So I rushed off to Wally world, and found a few things. I was there and back at my parents in about 40 minutes. It was some fast shopping. So this cute little outfit will just have to be worn next week. I do hope to get some pictures of him in it. I'm debating about getting some professional pictures taken again or taking them ourselves. I'd rather not deal with high pressure sales but they do take great pictures and the price is hard to beat. What do you guys do?

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Meshellyn said...

I have always been pretty anal about professional pictures. With Em we went about every month for the first year. My goal was to go every 3 months for the second year and then twice a year from then on... but I'm slacking this year and with the new baby.

I will admit for her first Halloween we took pictures three times because I changed her costume, and one set didn't look good enough to me since she wasn't smiling, lol. I'd retake them if it's important to you. Just go to Target or JcPenney and use a coupon - and DON'T buy anything other than the $7.99 package!!! It's hard, but stick to a plan and don't budge :)