Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beautiful Day

Friday was one of those beautiful days you never want to forget. It was beautiful in so many ways, and the funny thing is I was dreading it. It was day 2 of Marvin doing a prison outreach which meant there would be no break from the caring for Calvin duties (I don't know how single moms or military moms do it, they must be super moms!) The day started off great because Calvin woke up happy and full of hugs, he even gave me kiss on the way to breakfast. He has started eating at the big table in his booster seat instead of his high chair so it's fun to eat breakfast together now, and he's started to eat cereal with a tad of milk. I'm so not a morning person, and even if I do get myself out of bed to make breakfast Calvin always wakes up, and when he is awake it means he is HUNGRY. He doesn't want to wait for breakfast to be finished and he most certainly doesn't want to wait until it cools off.
Our day was so much fun. Calvin and I had a good run to the library and then we made a stop at Hobby Lobby and then the park on our way home. We had so much fun playing together, enjoying the gorgeous weather. He was pretty exhausted by the time we got home. I had to actually wake him up from his nap. It was 4:00 and he was still sleeping and I wanted him to be tired for bedtime. I could barely do it, isn't this too sweet!

But we got the best news after Calvin woke up. Marvin called and some eternal chains were broken while he was doing the prison outreach. He was able to see some fruit! Isn't that awesome on so many levels. We we are one step closer to going back home!

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Greg and Kim said...

What a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing! I do have a question about your last statement -- what did you mean when you said that breakthrough brings you closer to returning home? Are you speaking of heaven or East Asia and what specifically is the connection? ;) I'm just curious.