Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is why I love garage sales

I love garage sales, I can't believe I used to hate them. I've been hoping to give cloth diapers a try. In fact I already bought the material I needed to make them, I just haven't gotten around to sewing them. But today I hit the jackpot. 19 Mother Ease diapers w/ 10 inserts & 6 covers for won't believe it.............. $50! What an amazing deal, since I had been researching cloth diapers I know how expensive they are and the best part about the Mother-Ease Diapers is that they fit from birth until you don't need diapers anymore, you do have to order different size covers. I'm so excited. Half of the covers are too small, so I'll need to order a couple more covers Calvin's size. I looked online today and each of the diapers are $12 and the covers are $12.25. I have several packages of size 3 diapers to use up before we make the big switch, but this will give us time to get a diaper sprayer and to order a few more covers. I haven't decided between ordering the snappy covers or the Velcro kind. It's a wrestling match already changing Calvin's diaper, so I think the Velcro kind will be a bit better, even if they won't last as long as the snappy kinds.
So I guess I will need to find something to do with the fabric I bought to make these diapers. It looks like I'll be busy this weekend.


carmen said...

Wow! What a find! I have another friend who uses MotherEase and she really likes them. Way to go!

Amanda said...

What a deal! I've been using cloth diapers with Kate and if I had known how easy it is I would have used cloth with all of them! Now I want to go to a garage sale. :)

Erica said...

I am still pretty pumped. One of my closest friends uses them and loves them. I couldn't believe it. Since we usually spend around$20 a month on diapers, these will easily pay for themselves.