Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boots fit for a Boy

These are my new 'must haves' for little boys who love mud & puddles, rubber boots! I love them and so does Calvin. We've had his boots for less than a week, but he certainly understands what wearing them means, fun in the mud. He's gotten better at walking in them and has even picked up the pace. I finally gave up on avoiding the mud because there must be a magnetic pull that just pulls my son in.

Calvin got to wear these quite a bit this week because Marvin would drive to work and then we would jog over and get the car(it's just over 2 miles). It was a great system because it forced me to run rather than put it off and then there is no time.

I decided a while ago that I wanted to run a couple of races while we were in the states (Carrie what can I say, you inspired me). I figured it would motivate me to get into shape and since my mother-in-law gave us a jogging stroller I could work out with Calvin and kill two birds with one stone. Since we had some crazy snowy weather a couple weeks ago it set my training back a bit.

When it was cold I didn't want to get out with Calvin and well my body has felt the effect. This week was rough at the start but by the end of this week I felt I was in a good groove. I'm going to run a 2 mile at Riverfest on May 9th and hopefully by the end of the summer a 5 or 10K. My goal is to run the entire 2 miles without stopping. Right now I am at the point where I can run 1 mile, but then I have to walk, so I have a ways to go and I only have 3 more weeks to train, yikes! Any tips for this novice jogger? I'm trying to have rest days so I'm aiming for 4-5 runs a week, should I step it up?

Oh and my shop is very close to opening. I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I want things to be just right, I can't wait.

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Toby Bates said...

Hey Erica...this is Stacey, not Toby FYI...about the running. Try to run for a certain number of minutes, then walk for a certain number, and gradually decrease the walking minutes incrementally. It helped me! (Laurel and I both ran 5Ks while in the states) Good for you!