Sunday, November 22, 2015

Whole 30

After a month in the states and time in Istanbul before that, where you can order anything online and a guy on a scooter delivers it right to your door, I needed an eating reset. 

It’s not surprising to see that I had not dropped any of the baby weight during our time in the states.  So I proposed to Marvin we try to do Whole 30.  He was entirely bummed by the idea and I sort of ruined his day by the suggestion.  He tired it while I was gone in January and gave up.  (Whole 30 is 30 days without dairy, grains, legumes, or sugar.)

I would never try this in the winter where we live, winter produce really stinks, there are zero options, and is much more expensive.

I made a plan, and got cooking.  Since we live in a place where we can't run out to whole foods, I had to make a lot of it.  I made my own ketchup, which was surprisingly delicious, thanks to some figs and raisins that sweetened it, salsa, and mayo, pickles, and a few salad dressings, the strawberry vinaigrette was my favorite.  I wish I could have hunted down a few more avocados during this month but sadly they were few and far between in our city.

Thoughts on the process………
Initially it felt really good to get back to normal eating.  My body was craving veggies, my own fault. It’s crazy how much more food you get to eat when your base is veggies.  I’ve continue to incorporate this into our meal plans.  (Like using zucchini instead of noodles or cauliflower for rice.)

I ate more meat during our Whole 30 than I ever had before.  I’ve never been a big meat eater, unlike my farm boy husband, however he’s adjusted to my cooking over the years.  I did feel fuller due the crazy amount of protein.

I’ve identified times where I feel like rewarding myself with some chocolate/sweets.  After walking to the market, grocery shopping with kids, being overwhelmed by whining or fighting kids.  Hello emotional eating.  I found drinking a glass of cold water has helped.  ICE has become my favorite thing.

Plus I’ve made a good dent in the baby weight loss department.  That part was a big plus.  It feels great.  I’m glad we stuck to it, but I really think it needs to be a Whole 15, 30 days was so hard.  Both Marvin and I came to a point where we didn't want to eat anything.  Nothing sounded good.  

I cheated and made paleo pancakes one day which apparently is a whole 30 no no, because they say they are too close to the real thing.  But they tasted like bananas, because they were just bananas and eggs, so I'm not sure the big deal about that.  Whoever thought they taste like pancakes has some serious taste bud issues.  I also had some Popsicles I made from 100% juice.  (It was so hot y'all and we don't have AC.)

Some favorite meals:  Chicken Curry, Thai meatballs taco, salad, hamburgers, (bun less of course) and this cereal mix which was a banana, nuts and coconut milk with coconut sprinkled on top.

Marvin and I both said that although we were glad we did it, we were very glad it was over.  Marvin wasted no time celebrating our completion, grilled cheese for breakfast!  :)  I don't think we will do it again, but was a great way to restart some healthy eating habits.

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